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In 1994, we began to create collections under the "Cristina Núñez" brand, but it was from 2001, with the establishment of our first stores located in Tarragona, when we began to market our collections under the name "CristinanúñezFrancinasarrà".

Our clothing brand "CristinanúñezFrancinsarrà" born in Barcelona with fashion stores in Tarragona has captured dreams in fabrics since 2001. We create exclusive designs and we are a multi-brand store.

We design several lines:


  • Urban Inspiration:   Very aware of trends and day to day, the rhythm of all European cities. They are urban lines and very bearable.
  • Ethnic and feminine:  Very careful line with small handmade details, from all over the world. Fruit of the mixture of cultures resulting from globalization, but at the same time tremendously cosmopolitan.
  • Basics:Line made up of quality basic garments and our "best sellers" designs, composing a line of garments that should not be missing in any wardrobe.


  • Night and y Party:  Line designed for women of today. To go out at night with that "chic" arranged but informal that we all dream of finding, party dresses that do not stay in the closet.
  • Brides and Ceremony: Each one is different, unique, since all the dresses are made to order. Romantic lines, with period details but with surprising or natural fabrics, with touches and reminiscences of distant cultures. Avant-garde, very feminine but with sophisticated lines and fabrics.

Everything is possible for a dress that is about to be created.

On request we make all our custom models: Dresses, pants, blouses, skirts, jackets, coats....we even design clothes for choral groups or musicians.

Other Brands in Our Store:

In our store you will also find fantastic national and international brands:

Angel Eye, Angels never Die, Q2, Cream, Kaffe, Princesse Nomade, Spoom, Accostages, Aventure des Toiles, St.Martins, SOS,Best Mountain, Kosmika, "5 jeans", Skunkfunk, SKFK, WTG, Mustang, Lolitas & Lolos, NTS, Bobi, Lato B, iBlues, Max Mara, Sportmaxcode and of course... ours: "CristinanúñezFrancinasarrà"

■ Shoe brands:

Art,  Neosens, Papuccei, i-Blues, No-lita, Paloma Barceló, Naturalista, Lato-B, Sportmaxcode.

  • All our products are manufactured with high quality materials.
  • We look for the best materials for a more sustainable world.

Our team:

Cristina Núñez (Bachelor with Honors in Fashion Design at the Winchester School of Arts - Universitat de Southapmton - Escola d'Arts i Tècniques de la Moda Barcelona and industrial pattern design Escuela Guerrero Barcelona)

Francina Sarrà (Specialist in Escalation, Cutting and Confection with extensive background in the wholesale world of fashion, as well as second generation dedicated to it)

They form a saga of fashion specialists since the creation of design and patterns, such as scaling, cutting, tailoring and distribution both through own channels and through third parties and after 20 years of work in our stores in Tarragona, endorsed by our clients from the physical stores in Tarragona,

 CRISTINA AND FRANCINA undertake a new challenge, transferring all that good work from the physical store to the online store:




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