List of products by brand CristinanúñezFrancinasarrà

Collections of the designer Cristina Núñez for the firm CristinanúñezFrancinasarrà, a brand born in Barcelona and manufactured in Tarragona.


In 1994, under the "Cristina Núñez" brand, the designer of the firm began to create collections in Barcelona for sale in different multi-brand stores in the city and participating in the fashion events of the most relevant young designers in Barcelona, ​​but it is from 2001 , with the implementation of the first store located in Tarragona, in association with Francina Sarrà, a great specialist in cutting and pattern-making with great background and experience in the sector when they began to market collections under the name "CristinanúñezFrancinasarrà".

The Firm creates several lines:

Urban and Young Fashion: Very aware of the trends and the day to day, the rhythm of all European cities.

Ethnic and feminine: Fruit of the mixture of cultures, but at the same time tremendously cosmopolitan, very careful in small artisan details from all over the world.

Night and Party: It is a line designed for women of today. To go out at night with that "chic" arranged but informal that we all dream of finding and Party dresses that do not stay in the closet.

Brides and Ceremony: Each Bride is different, since all the dresses are made to order. Romantic, with period details but with surprising fabrics. Natural, with touches and reminiscences of distant cultures. Avant-garde, very feminine but with sophisticated lines and fabrics

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