Toc-Bol consists of a ball game played between two teams, each made up of 6 players.

The score is obtained by hitting the ball on the opposing team's panel. The moment the ball makes impact, the panel lights up and emits sound.

This game was devised by Manuel Núñez, a person dedicated to physical activity and sports, both as a practitioner and, later, as a physical education teacher.

The idea of ​​the game arose thinking about a physical game that would adapt to all levels, ages and sexes, that could be played by people who wanted to do a physical activity while being certain that their physical integrity and abilities would be respected.

Taking into account these safety and non-aggressive features, Toc-Bol is a very suitable game for people with any type of disability.

The practice of the game up to the present moment has demonstrated this, and it has also served as an experience to make small adaptations so that it can be played by people with different disabilities and different levels of impairment.

Toc-Bol a sport for everyone. Fun and non-harmful

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